I am lucky to be married to a wonderful photographer and videographer - Dave Pokorney.  He does so much to preserve the dancing euphoria long after the dance is over.  Thank you my darlin!

For the first time, I got to play with the band while calling.  I play the "real" old-time music (Medieval, Renaissance,  Baroque), and was happy to bring my recorder into the fiddle/guitar mix with "The Flying Turtles."  I chose a dance that was easy for the dancers to remember so I could drop-out calling early enough to join the band.  The tune is Pete Sutherland's "Coral Riff" and the dance is "Dead Cat Bounce" by Nathaniel Jack.  I'm playing an "Eagle" alto recorder in the first modulation and a Renaissance Soprano recorder in the next.

I love Contra Dancers Delight Holiday in Morgantown WV every year between Xmas and New Year.  One of the main reasons is I get to call with Great Bear Trio!  Here's one of the dances I called last year:  "It's About the Flow" by Devin Nordson.

The Catapult! Showcase videos are by the videographer Jim Crawford, who is responsible for all the great videos to come out of the Chattahoochee Country Dancers in Atlanta.

Here are two videos from Catapult! Showcase the first one is a dance I composed for the event called "Catapult Jig."  The tunes are also called Catpult! Jigs and were composed by Andrew Levin of Waxwing.  The second video is of me calling with Coracree.  You can see why I'm excited to being doing two tours of Florida with these bands this coming Spring and Summer.

I got to call with the Great Bear Boys at Contra Dancers Delight Holiday 2011!

Calling a no-walk-through at Vernals 2011 with Montage.

One of my favorite Florida bands is "Category 5." I got to call to them in Pinellas Park (Tampa) FL in July. A group of 20 beginners walked in AFTER the workshop :-0. The experienced dancers incorporated them into the group beautifully and everyone had a ball.

My home dance in Gainesville is a wonderful dance community - so welcoming of newcomers. The band is the "Dunehoppers."
 Love calling with "Barnstorm!" This is one of my favorite dances, "Three Ceremonies" by Adriane Moser

"Flying Turtles" is the band that took me under their wings and got me my first few calling gigs. Thanks Turtles!!