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You may have encountered JoLaine behind the caller's mic or on dance floors from California, to Maine, to Florida. From Contra dance festivals and weekends, to weddings and family dances, JoLaine's extensive collection of dances makes sure everyone has a fabulous time. Quick, clear teaching and a fun vibe will leave you smiling long after the dance is done.

Hi-Res Photos:

Workshop Topics:

Wandering With Purpose - "Down the Hall" is the most varied move in contra dancing. Enjoy the journey!

Improper and Beyond - Every dance in a different formation; Improper, becket, proper, indecent, 3x3, 4x4, triple minor!

Balance Your Chakras - Seven chakras, Seven dances. From the heady to the primal, you'll dance in perfect balance.

Three's Company - Slip Jig Contras, 3x3, Triple Minors, Triplets, Nine in a triangle.

Caller's Topics: 

First Impressions - Welcome new dancers into your community with your introductory workshop.

The Wedding Dance - You've been asked to call a wedding or festival for people who are not dancers. How to make sure everyone has a fabulous time!