Many thanks to all the folks who have been supportive of me in my growth as a contra dance caller.

Laurie and Joe De Paolo

Jamie Oshima and Terry Doyle
JoLaine has a wonderful demeanor behind the microphone, and her enthusiasm for dancing is infections. She is pleasant, professional, and knows how to read the dance floor. JoLaine's teaching and calling are spot-on, and I highly recommend her for dance camps and dance weekends. - Joe De Paolo, musician, caller, and Director of the Adirondack Dance Weekend

At Summer Contra Dancers' Delight Holiday 2018, "JoLaine's calling was clear and enthusiastic. Her choice of dances was always perfect for the dancing level and the mood, and her dances always had just the right amount of intricacy to keep you engaged but not frustrated. Her dances were fun and fresh." - Terry Doyle

Annette Merrit and Randy Thorpe
"This past weekend (07.29.2018), JoLaine called an 'advanced' contra dance. I loved it! I was pleased by the variety of dances that she called - formations and new figures that we hadn't done in our local contra dance before. They were so much fun. But the amazing thing is that the whole room got it! I attribute that mostly to her clear teaching. She chose words to clearly teach new things without over-teaching. And she watched the room so that after the calling ceased, she brought back just enough words to help those who needed it when necessary. I like variety when I dance. I get tired of the same moves over and over. This was a most excellent dance! Thank you JoLaine!" - Annette Merritt

Ricky and Murry Sill

"Wonderful, unique dances and oh so refreshing! Not once could we say, 'we've done that dance before' (yay!) In two words - 'simply sublime.'"
- Ricky and Murry Sill

Lydia and Richard Molineaux
"Having JoLaine call at the 2018 Summer Contra Dancers' Delight Holiday in Mountain City TN was a pure delight. Her teaching and calling were clear and the types of dances she chose were enjoyable for new dancers as well as up to the par of the highly experienced dancers that were in attendance. What a breath of fresh air she was with her Southern twang and vivacious energy. It has been so nice to watch her grow as a caller and we look forward to dancing to her calling at other venues around the country." - Lydia and Richard Molineaux

Debra Kirsch and George Paul
"I have known JoLaine for a few years and was very pleased to finally get a chance to dance to her calling this summer, 2018. Her dances were delightful and her clear calling with minimal words was refreshing to my ears. Her accent is also pleasing to listen to along with the beat of the music. I will be looking to attend more dance weekends where she is calling." 
- Debra Kirsch

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