Tuesday, October 20, 2015

East Coast Tour with Deux Francois

East Coast Tour with Deux Francois

Deux Francois (Sarah Mitchell, Bill Dudley, Jasmine Hart and Frances Pisacane) are one of my favorite Florida bands.  As with so many musicians, they have day jobs that prohibit them from doing much travelling.  I had long wanted to take them on tour and show them off, so worked with my connections along the East Coast to play a short tour in November. 
Our stops:

November 11: the Grey Eagle in Asheville North Carolina (Tim Cape of Atlanta is sitting in for Frances and Jasmine who joined us on the next stop)  The dance is "Joel's in the Kitchen" by Sue Rosen.

November 13: Wednesday night dance at Lovely Lane in Baltimore.  The dance is a no-walk-thru, "Glint" by Rick Goss
November 15:  Friday night dance in Harrisburg Pennsylvania.  The dance is "Trust" by Chris Page.
November 16: Saturday night in Lancaster Pennsylvania.  Donna Hunt was already scheduled to call but graciously offered me a slot on her program.  The dance is "Autumn Air" by Cary Ravitz.

November 17: Sunday night in Glen Echo Maryland.  The dance is "Ants Marching" by Ron Blechner.
So many fine people opened their homes to us on this trip!  I loved visiting these other communities that love contra dancing.

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